Windows Security is Blank after Installing Windows 11 23H2

After resetting your computer or clean installing Windows 11 version 23H2 on your computer, the Windows Security app may not load. It may stall with the shield icon showing up or a blank page. This happens even if you’ve chosen the Cloud download option during the Reset.

windows security app UI - blank screen


This happens if the C:\Windows\System32\SecurityHealth folder is missing. The setup process is supposed to create the folder and the platform subfolder(s). Due to a glitch in the 23H2 setup, the SecurityHealth folder may be missing.

However, Microsoft Defender Antivirus service and the real-time protection module may be fully functional.


Option 1: Run SecurityHealthSetup.exe

Download SecurityHealthSetup.exe and save it to the desktop.
Right-click on the file and choose “Run as administrator“.

File hash

SHA256: F3607F433952CB23D9EB0FC5E31FD0C4079CAD3133DC79D149022900D208876C
VirusTotal (0/71)

Two Command Prompt windows will open and close. The above setup file creates the missing “SecurityHealth” folder and the platform # (1.0.2311.17002-0) subfolder automatically.

The Windows Security UI should now load correctly.

Option 2: Switch to an older version of Windows Security app

Switching to an older version (1000.25305.9000.0) of the Windows Security app helps in most cases.

Please download Microsoft.SecHealthUI_8wekyb3d8bbwe.appx and save it to the desktop.

Run the Appx file.

It might say, “A newer version of Windows Security is already installed. To run, click Launch.”

Click Reinstall.

windows security appx install

(Note that clicking the “Launch” button on the above screen may not work.)

File information

Filename: Microsoft.SecHealthUI_8wekyb3d8bbwe.appx:
Signing date:   5:21 AM 3/29/2023
Publisher:  Microsoft Corporation
MD5:    7A9BAF752401F7E7EA228F586121128B
SHA256: 0FDFAA8A2712A3AD1EC5AB0590364B43A3F56FF67EE07DF53E26E04C1C2FC54A
VT link:

Launch Windows Security from the Start menu. You should be able to access all the settings in the older version of the Windows Security app.

windows security app UI

Note that the above is only a workaround. The ultimate fix is to install the latest platform update and the latest Windows Security app. I hope Microsoft releases a fix for this issue soon, as thousands or millions of users are affected by this Windows 11 23H2-specific problem.

Option 3

You could try cleanly installing Windows 11 22H2 using the ISO and then upgrading to 23H2 using the Enablement package served via Windows Update (no OS reinstallation is required to upgrade to 23H2 from 22H2.)

To get the 22H2 ISO from Microsoft, you can use the UUPDump website.

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