Thank you for visiting the Winhelponline Blog. I’m Ramesh Srinivasan who started this site in 2005. I started using computers in 1996 and have worked with every Windows client Operating System ever released. Working with and troubleshooting Windows have always been fascinating. I’ve been a Team leader for an IT helpdesk company that provided technical support for HP/Compaq customers.

This blog targets end-users and helpdesk/IT Pros seeking troubleshooting information, customization ideas, scripts, etc. This site has an extensive reader base that is even growing. Keeping that in mind, I always double-check my content for technical accuracy before I post.

I’m passionate about Microsoft technologies, and I was a regular at the Microsoft Newsgroup (NNTP) from 2002 till Microsoft shut down the newsgroups permanently, and the Experts-Exchange online forums. In the post-newsgroup era, I regularly participate in Microsoft Answers, SuperUser, and other online technical forums to help Windows users.

Over the years, Winhelponline.com has been mentioned in popular blogs and news sites like LifeHacker, HowToGeek, Computer World, CNET, Microsoft Tech Portal, and other popular sites.

I’m a ten-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award (thanks to Microsoft Corp.) in the Windows Networking category and later in the Windows Shell category, (which was later known as “Windows Desktop Experience”) from 2003 to 2012, consecutively.

MSFT MVP 2003-2012

Please note that I’m not an employee of Microsoft Corporation.

I love playing chess, writing about Windows, gardening, and connecting with nature.

Happy computing!

I’m hoping to get the MVP Award for the 11th time. If you’re a current MVP or MS FTE who likes my well-researched blog posts and forum posts and wish to nominate me for the award, you can do so here. Regardless, my participation in various online technical support forums will always continue.

(Last updated on Sept 09, 2022.)

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