The Operating System Version is Incompatible with Startup Repair [Fix]

Perform System Restore Rollback Offline

After installing updates on your Windows 10 computer, your computer may get stuck at a black screen when loading Windows. And the Startup Repair tool kicks in every time and records the following error in the SrtTrail.txt log file: The operating system version is incompatible with startup repair. This error message is not only misleading, … Read more

[Fix] Thumbnail Cache Auto Deletion Problem in Windows 10

thumbnail cache folder

When you browse a folder containing media files, Windows generates thumbnail images of your image and video files if the folder view is set to thumbnail view (medium, large or extra large icons.) The generated thumbnail is cached and written to database so that the system need not regenerate the miniature thumbnail images every time you open the folder.Read more

[Fix] Cannot View Homegroup Password or Create New Homegroup

homegroup view password missing

The Homegroup feature makes life easy for small business users, as it helps create a home network easily without the hassles of changing the permissions and setting the shares manually. BY automating the tasks, you can easily share files and printers on a home network. Homegroup feature is available in Windows 7 and higher.

This post tells you what to do when the options View or print the homegroup password, Change the password and Leave the homegroup are missing, and you’re unable to create or join a homegroup.Read more