[Fix] Script Error C:\Windows\system32 Maintenance.vbs at Startup

installwinsat maintenance.vbs error

Whenever you start your computer, the following error may popup:

Windows Script Host
Script: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Maintenance.vbs
Line: 10
Char: 2
Error: Type mismatch ‘CInt’
Code: 800A000D
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

installwinsat maintenance.vbs error

However, you may find no reference to this file in MSConfig or the Task Manager Startup tab. You may be wondering how to prevent this error message dialog from appearing at startup.Read more

Automatically Turn off Monitor when you Lock your Computer

turn off monitor when locking computer

We saw how to turn off your monitor or put your computer to sleep mode using shortcuts. Also, we explained how to automatically lock the workstation immediately after automatic login to your account.

By default, after you lock your workstation (computer), the display turns off automatically in 1 minute, and the lock screen display off timeout can only be increased. For some users, the 1-minute interval is not sufficient, and they need a mechanism to automatically turn off the monitor immediately after the computer is locked.

In this article, we’ll see how to automatically turn off the monitor automatically when you lock your computer (Win + L). Read more

[Fix] Thumbnail Cache Auto Deletion Problem in Windows 10

thumbnail cache folder

When you browse a folder containing media files, Windows generates thumbnail images of your image and video files if the folder view is set to thumbnail view (medium, large or extra large icons.) The generated thumbnail is cached and written to database so that the system need not regenerate the miniature thumbnail images every time you open the folder.Read more

How to Create Automatic System Restore Points Daily in Windows 10/11

system restore list of restore points in windows 11 - 24 hrs frequency

This post tells you how to schedule the creation of daily System Restore point during startup or logon in all versions of Windows, including Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The first method involves a VBScript that I wrote to create restore points, and the 2nd method uses the WMI command-line tool Wmic.exe. The script method has an advantage where you can force the creation of restore point even if a previous restore point was created within the last 24 hours.Read more

Command Prompt Flashes and Closes Quickly at Startup or Random Intervals

If the Command Prompt, PowerShell, or an unknown program window flashes during logon or at random intervals without you doing anything, there are many chances that it’s a Task Scheduler job. The windows popping up frequently can be a huge distraction when you’re working or playing a game on the computer.Read more